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You're out there training, riding, driving and all of the sudden your mule does something that, well, you're not sure what it was. "Why did my mule do that?"

Is it something I fed him? Is she trying to tell me something? Does she not like me? Is he always going to be like this?

You're invited to join world renown mule and donkey clinician and trainer, Steve Edwards and his buddy Dave for Ask Steve — and online mule and donkey clinic Q & A event. 

During this 60-minute, live event we answer questions like:

  • "Should I buy a mule or a donkey?"
  • "How do I tame my 2 1/2 year old Jenny?"
  • "What to look for when buying a mule"
  • "What's the difference between a mule and horse saddle?"
  • "Can a horse trainer train my mule?

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